Friday, November 21, 2008

Its been awhile

I know that it has been awhile. It has been one of those summers as you have already seen by my last post this summer. I have been trying to keep myself busy, though sometimes it was not worked the way that I had planned.

I got a new kitten. She is very sweet and snuggly. She is not my Kallie but I would not want her to be. Her name is Miss T, it is a really odd story aboput her name and someday I will tell it. I got her from a rescue that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

More soon but I need to get ready to go out to eat with my family....and more I mean by pictures of the new kitten.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rest in Peace Kallie the Cat

As of 5:30 yesturday Kallie is at peace. She has lost her fight with Cancer. she is no longer sick or in pain. She will be missed a great deal. Here are some pictures...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update on M

It is update time on M (the first one). He is coming home sometime this week. He is going to the Nationwide Race there in Chicago on Friday.

His boat did come up the Illinois River. So I know that we are odd in my family...we had M call M when he was close so that we could take the boys to see his boat. So on Sunday we went to Spring Valley to see his boat....Though when we got there He was being "worked". In river speak that it another boat was give him another barge to attach to the boat or they were taking away a barge. Well.... There was a small hiccup in the plan... we waited in our little spot for at least 4 hours. We finally got word that he did not plan on moving again for quite awhile so... We told M to call when he got moving again.

He did finally get going and I took PICTURES. I even got Pictures of M talking to mom....I love my zoom, but those are for family not blog. You will get Boat Pictures.

Okay so the Picture thing is not liking me at the moment so...You are lucky I guess. I will try somthing different. You will get them...eventually.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

At my Brothers

As I posted before M got a new job...he is back on the river... and he is LOVING it. He is on the Titletown USA.

As you can see it is huge boat.
The other M called last night to see if I wanted to come over and stay the night. She was LONELY and want some company that did not want to watch Cartoon Network all night long. So here I am....watching cartoons.
It is great sitting here and laughing with the other M. I like to think that if we would have gone to school together we would have been friends. It is nice to know that for once I have a true friend with one of M's wifes (though they aren't married ......yet).
The first W's mom's mom is here...yuck. She is like her daughter...the only time that she wants to be with the first W is when is good for her. She always comes bearing gifts, trying to buy first W's love....saddly because he is so young its working. She wants him to call her "Grandma T". I think she should earn the title "Grandma" first.
Where was she when her daughter left her son at friends house and never came back. Where was she when M had a job that he had to give custody of the first W to someone so that he was taken care of. Where was she when Second Wife was putting dish soap in his food so that he would be sick all the time. First W is 5 now....where was she when he would wake up from a dream screaming. I can tell you where she wasn't......I was there.....I was there for it all....and I am still here.....I will be here for ever...can she say that.
Okay I am done. I am going to go back to cartoons....
Happy Birthday M.....I am so proud of you for doing something that you have always wanted to.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Here I am again

Okay so I suck at updating often. I will try to do better.................really!!

I just thought I would update on life alittle. There is really not that much that has changed. I have knit three pairs of socks since last post. A pair for my mom, a pair for myself and then a pair for M. She loves them and I am happy. I wanted to do something special just for her because everything is normally for the boys (K,W, W). I really am glad that she likes them. My next project if I can figure it out is a lace shawl. M and M (sounds like the candy) are going to get married soon and I know that they are not going to want to do anything special so I want to make her something to special for that big day.

Also in the news of knitting.... I have always wanted there to be a knitting group in the area like they to in the bigger cities but saddly there was not........til now. I am happy to say that I have started a knitting group close to home. I hope that it takes off and the other people enjoy meeting and talking. We are going to have are first meeting soon so hopefully it goes well.

Now on to the job front. I am still doing the respite care work. I really like doing it again. It is so much fun. The family that I am working with is great!! Since I don't drive they are willing to come get me and then take me home. That is a big relief to not have to worry about that!! I have known the family along time to I don't feel like I am snooping when I am cooking and am looking for the right pot or when I am putting clothes away. I am to the point right now that I am trying to figure out why I gave it up in High School! It is sooo funny that the mother has told me that she is going to give me a pay raise and I really could care less about the money!! That is how much fun and a good time that I am having working for them again.

Okay well I am off....My brother (M) just got a new job and we are going over to celebrate so.....the next time I will be on I should be burnt!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sorry it has been awhile....

I know it has been awhile but there has not been much to post so.... I have started my new job, or well my old job. I am now doing respite care for an old friend from school. It is not really work, it is just like two friends hanging out together. I think that is just fine.

Something alittle funny to leave you with....

Week ago my lovely family and I celebrated Easter. We went out to a local resturant and had great food. We spent more time talking and laughing then we did anything else. Now after dinner we needed to run to Walmart and pick up a few things for my uncle that was staying with us for a week. Then we were off to home....or so we thought. Now picture 4 people leave the house get into a BIG truck and go for you think any of those 4 people remembered to bring an important thing called a house key!!! Nope!!! So we had to go to my grandmothers and gether key to the house! There are just some days that I think that we all left our brains someplace else!!

Thats all for now...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Real quick then I am off to bed

It is late...or early....whatever way you want to look at take any misspellings with a that in mind.

I read the other day that there is a study going around that Harry Potter can be an addiction......yea think?!?!?! I am someone that admits that she is addicted....I am never without something Potter related. Here is something to think about....I have all the books and audio books I have all the movies (well the ones that are out) I taught myself to knit so that I could make myself a Harry Potter House scarf....My Sister in law realized how addicted I was when she was looking at the stuff on my ipod....Most of the Podcast are Harry Potter related, I have the last three audiobooks on there, I have all the soundtracks on there, and magically I have a couple of the movies on there... My ringtone on my phone is Harry Potter. I am in the process of designing a Harry Potter quilt. OH and the wallpaper on my computer is Harry Potter.

Though I think is does not help that I have enablers... the most recent was my sister in law...she had a friend make me a cookie that is maded up to look like Harry Potter!!

I get a laugh when she says that I need a Potter time out, that she is going to invite me over then take everything away for the evening....Last time she did that I just happened to find a Harry Potter Movie on TV and talked my nefews into wanting to watch it!!

I am tired now....more soon

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is just the Beginning

I just thought that I would put up a post to see if it works. When I get some more time I will update this thing, maybe change the layout and add some pictures. Though right now I forwarn everyone that my pictures are of my cats right now....either that or whatever I am knitting this week.

I want to explain my title real fast before I leave. I am the addicted One. I am addicted to many many things ....all of the legal!! No Drugs for me! For everyone knows me the one major addict that I admit to is Harry Potter. Anything Harry Potter.....books, movies, music, websites, projects based on Potter and Books around Harry Potter! My newest addiction is Knitting....It is something that I never thought I was going to do and I am very happy that I am doing it! I am a very crafty person and knitting is just one of those things to help me express myself, or at least that is what everyone one says.

I think that is all for I said before I will add more later. I have work in the morning so wish me luck!!