Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is just the Beginning

I just thought that I would put up a post to see if it works. When I get some more time I will update this thing, maybe change the layout and add some pictures. Though right now I forwarn everyone that my pictures are of my cats right now....either that or whatever I am knitting this week.

I want to explain my title real fast before I leave. I am the addicted One. I am addicted to many many things ....all of the legal!! No Drugs for me! For everyone knows me the one major addict that I admit to is Harry Potter. Anything Harry Potter.....books, movies, music, websites, projects based on Potter and Books around Harry Potter! My newest addiction is Knitting....It is something that I never thought I was going to do and I am very happy that I am doing it! I am a very crafty person and knitting is just one of those things to help me express myself, or at least that is what everyone one says.

I think that is all for I said before I will add more later. I have work in the morning so wish me luck!!