Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It is official... I completely suck.

I can use this time to spout excuse after excuse as for why YET AGAIN I have forgotten this little blog thing.  To busy with work to post... umm I was a home healthcare worker with access to a computer, I could have totally updated when client was sleeping or not in need of me.  Family issues...ummm my life is centered around my three nephews and if I am at their house again I have access  to internet and computer so I could have posted.  Dad being transferred...Okay so this one did take up a BIG chunk of my time; getting the house ready to sell, trying to keep it clean with all the animals so people could come and look was a task all in itself, trying to find a house in a new state, find new job in new state (Mom did, me not so much) and then big move.

I am not going to say that now that life has started to settle down that I am going to post more often, because chances are that my ADD will kick and I will go off to do......oh shiny thing on the floor.....umm... to do something else.  BUT I will try.

And Yes, I realize that if it wasn't for having someone bringing my Raverly profile up today in front of me I probably would not have updated this...