Thursday, February 28, 2008

Real quick then I am off to bed

It is late...or early....whatever way you want to look at take any misspellings with a that in mind.

I read the other day that there is a study going around that Harry Potter can be an addiction......yea think?!?!?! I am someone that admits that she is addicted....I am never without something Potter related. Here is something to think about....I have all the books and audio books I have all the movies (well the ones that are out) I taught myself to knit so that I could make myself a Harry Potter House scarf....My Sister in law realized how addicted I was when she was looking at the stuff on my ipod....Most of the Podcast are Harry Potter related, I have the last three audiobooks on there, I have all the soundtracks on there, and magically I have a couple of the movies on there... My ringtone on my phone is Harry Potter. I am in the process of designing a Harry Potter quilt. OH and the wallpaper on my computer is Harry Potter.

Though I think is does not help that I have enablers... the most recent was my sister in law...she had a friend make me a cookie that is maded up to look like Harry Potter!!

I get a laugh when she says that I need a Potter time out, that she is going to invite me over then take everything away for the evening....Last time she did that I just happened to find a Harry Potter Movie on TV and talked my nefews into wanting to watch it!!

I am tired now....more soon