Sunday, June 22, 2008

At my Brothers

As I posted before M got a new job...he is back on the river... and he is LOVING it. He is on the Titletown USA.

As you can see it is huge boat.
The other M called last night to see if I wanted to come over and stay the night. She was LONELY and want some company that did not want to watch Cartoon Network all night long. So here I am....watching cartoons.
It is great sitting here and laughing with the other M. I like to think that if we would have gone to school together we would have been friends. It is nice to know that for once I have a true friend with one of M's wifes (though they aren't married ......yet).
The first W's mom's mom is here...yuck. She is like her daughter...the only time that she wants to be with the first W is when is good for her. She always comes bearing gifts, trying to buy first W's love....saddly because he is so young its working. She wants him to call her "Grandma T". I think she should earn the title "Grandma" first.
Where was she when her daughter left her son at friends house and never came back. Where was she when M had a job that he had to give custody of the first W to someone so that he was taken care of. Where was she when Second Wife was putting dish soap in his food so that he would be sick all the time. First W is 5 now....where was she when he would wake up from a dream screaming. I can tell you where she wasn't......I was there.....I was there for it all....and I am still here.....I will be here for ever...can she say that.
Okay I am done. I am going to go back to cartoons....
Happy Birthday M.....I am so proud of you for doing something that you have always wanted to.