Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rest in Peace Kallie the Cat

As of 5:30 yesturday Kallie is at peace. She has lost her fight with Cancer. she is no longer sick or in pain. She will be missed a great deal. Here are some pictures...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update on M

It is update time on M (the first one). He is coming home sometime this week. He is going to the Nationwide Race there in Chicago on Friday.

His boat did come up the Illinois River. So I know that we are odd in my family...we had M call M when he was close so that we could take the boys to see his boat. So on Sunday we went to Spring Valley to see his boat....Though when we got there He was being "worked". In river speak that it another boat was give him another barge to attach to the boat or they were taking away a barge. Well.... There was a small hiccup in the plan... we waited in our little spot for at least 4 hours. We finally got word that he did not plan on moving again for quite awhile so... We told M to call when he got moving again.

He did finally get going and I took PICTURES. I even got Pictures of M talking to mom....I love my zoom, but those are for family not blog. You will get Boat Pictures.

Okay so the Picture thing is not liking me at the moment so...You are lucky I guess. I will try somthing different. You will get them...eventually.