Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I completely forgot I had a blog!!

Yupe I forgot I had a blog, or at least that is what it feels like! I am really going to make a real effort to work on this thing this year. I am sure I have said that before I really mean it this year. This year is going going to be different, I am actually going to do something.

As my family and friends know that when I was in school I use to be very active in music. I was in the high school girls choir, concert choir and touring choir. I also took private vocal lessons from a private music school and sang solo's with them. When I was younger I learned to play the guitar among other instruments, but it could not hold my interest. It really was not the instrument that I wanted to learn.

This year I think it is time to do something different, to do something for myself. I am wanting to learn to play the Violin. I am sort of nervous that I might be too old to learn, but my mother has told me that my Great Aunt was 80 when she started to play the piano. I figure if she can do it then so can I. I am also worried that because of my disability that I won't be able to play. The last time I let my disability stop me it was knitting and I am now a knitting fiend. So in my brain if I can knit I should be able to learn to play the Violin.

You cannot let a disability rule your life, if there is something you want to do then make it happen. Learn to adapt and overcome the obstacles!