Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another sleepless night

What is it with this no sleeping thing?? I just don't get why I did not sleep last night. I was tired, I was comfortable and I had my music so normally I would have been set but no. Sleep eluded me all night, I thought that maybe after I posted my blog message this morning I thought I might get some sleep but no. I went back to watching cartoons thinking that this would bore me to sleep, again the answer was no. I just chose to put so up beat music on my Ipod and grab a book and read til the kids got up. That is what I did.

Now tonight it is almost one in the morning and here I sit. I am so tired that I have a headache, but still no sleep. I think I will just go lay in my darkened room and wait for sleep to come or go. Thank God that I do not have to do anything special tomorrow. I am not sure I will be coherent to do anything but stair the TV or maybe just read a book.

Speaking of books I have a couple to add to my list of recommended reading...
At Christmas I read a book named "The Expected One" by Kathleen McGowen. It is a fiction book on the search for Mary Magdalene gospel. It is FICTION and I know that but still there is something in there that makes you think.... Well Kathleen McGowen had a second book named "The Book of Love", this one is about the search for the Gospel written by Jesus himself. Again this a Fictional Story, although you do learn alot about Mitilda of Tuscany. Both of these books are very good, they are definatly books that you can read and reread many times before you are done with them. I am rereading "the Expected One" and I am finding things that I missed the last time I read it.

Thats about it for now. I aplogize for things not sounding right on not being spelt right...I blame the no sleeping thing.