Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello February

This is just a drive posting...I am waiting for my camera to charge enough so that I can post pictures. Today (I had to look at the time on that one) was K's Derby for Boy Scouts.... he got third in his group. Great job K!!! Next weekend is W's (the older W) birthday party. I think I got him something he really will like. I love being the aunt with all the cool toys!! I was smart I got him something that all the boys will like. I just have to remind him that it is more fun to play with others then it is by yourself.

Pictures coming soon....Thought I would warn you!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Whats going on....

I thought I would give a beginning of the year (yeah I know it really is not the beginning of the year but still) report on what I am doing. I am warning you now that I am going to talk books, knitting and family. You have been warned!!!


In the beginning of January I decided that I was going to read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I'm not sure how many times I had the book in my hand every time I went to a bookstore and then chose not get it. For some reason at Christmas I was at Walmart with my mother and Uncle (Uncle doesn't drive either and he needed to go Christmas Shopping, mind you it was the week before Christmas) I was in the book isle just skimming the titles. I normally don't buy books from Walmart, I wait and go to the Borders or Barns and Noble that is about an hour from home. I am not sure why...maybe it is because that is what I am use to....use to work near the Borders for 5 years. Anyway....back to the Book isle.... I saw one of the workers putting a couple of books back on the shelf and there it was. She was putting the only copy Twilight of back. It was a sign that I needed to get it here. Now. Some people say that I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon just because the movie came out and they might be right but I think this is different. I have been wanting to read Twilight for some time, I just never did. I had seen the previews for the movie and they helped to peek my interest for the book but still I didn't read the book. I waited and waited but when I saw the book at Walmart right before Christmas was a sign, that it was time to read it. Here is the thing I still did not read the book... Every time I would pick up the book and crack the cover something would come up and I would leave the book for something else. I finally started to actually read the book on New Year's Eve, my parents went out and me not being a party person stayed home. I had the book finished on the first then started to reread it on the 2nd (my birthday). I now have read all 4 books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn). I tried to tell myself in the beginning that the only reason that I was reading the books was because I always read the book that a movie is based on because we all know that the books is always better then the movie, since the movie was suppose to be really good so the book had to be great... But at the end of Breaking Dawn I knew that I was addicted, that I was caught in the web of the Twilight series.

I am working on 2 projects right now. I am still working on the Spiderweb shawl from Victorian Knitting Today. It is my first Lace project... It was suppose to be a wedding present but things happen and now it is going to be a regular present...that is if I ever finish it. My second project is a knitted doll. The last time I went to Barns and Noble I picked up a Knitted Toy book. I wanted something that was just plain knitting, no following charts, no hard counting or yarn over patterns. So now I have everything knit I am just waiting to get stuffing so that I can put it together. Next thing will be to knit it cloths so that it is not naked. I like things that just keep going. Finished projects are great but I really enjoy the process of making the stuff better then the idea that it is done. I know that that sounds odd but I really don't care.

My brother got married the the 3rd of Jan. It was a nice little thing, just our family and hers. Then it was off to the house for a little get together. It was really nice. M (brother) went back on the boat about a week later and has been there ever since. He should be coming home sometime next week. Then just this week W lost his first tooth. It is a funny story.... M (sister inlaw) took the kids to a family friend after school. After awhile W came to M showing her the lose tooth. Then about ten minutes later W came back to M with the tooth in his little hand. He had wiggled it til it was real lose, then twisted it until it came out!! His Thinking??? Now he gets a dollar from the tooth fairy and he can put it to a new video game!!! Yupe thats my boy... anything to get a new game. I am not sure if that is my influence or his fathers.

Okay I think I have bored you enough now. I am going to check my email and continue to listen to Glenn Beck's radio show from today. I might not get him on the radio but thank God that I am an insider and I can listen him on the internet! If the Fairness Doctrine passes that might be the only place to listen to him!